How to fight the aftermath of chinese Corona virus

Chinese virus has a lifespan of 11 days. But the recovery does not take 11 or 14 days. The virus load reduces substantially and technically, you cannot infect another person after a 11-day period; that’s why the 14 day quarantine is recommended.

But the recovery from this chinese bio-weapon can take 6 to 9 months and can be as unpredictable as the virus itself is in different human beings. To begin with, the weakness lasts a very long time.

The chinese virus can leave a number of other post-covid problems. These include, tightness and pain in lungs; sudden dizziness; tachycardia and palpitation; sudden and inexplicable increase in heart rate which ought to be monitored; sleeplessness or excess sleep at times and severely altered sleep time pattern; depression, mood swings and negativity; reduced haemoglobin and protein levels; loss of muscle elasticity and strength; cramps; a lot of weakness and fatigue; breathlessness upon physical labour; altered metabolism that can lead to unprecedented hunger; compromised smell/taste; low grade recurrent fever after some days; forgetfulness and so many other problems that will be discovered only gradually.

This list does not even include the problems you can face if you have an acute bout of the chinese virus attack that leaves your lungs impacted with pneumonitis patches or worse still with permanent damage, heart EFR reduced, higher rate of blood clotting that can lead to sudden death either by a cardiac arrest or brain haemorrhage. The trick lies in repeating some basic investigative tests at least two times like CBC, CRP, and D-Dimer.

As someone who is still coming out of this nightmare, albeit only partially after 5 weeks, I want to sincerely tell the lucky ones who have escaped with no infection, or with very little impact to NOT tell themselves or others to take it lightly! That is the worst advice and/or gravest mistake one can make in tackling it.

As the behaviour of the chinese lab-made virus is not completely predictable, it can affect some very badly and leave others unscathed. Forget us, even the best of doctors treating patients of the chinese virus cannot claim they know it all in the treatment of covid.

If someone does live on an overdose of confidence in dealing with covid cases, he/she is playing with lives. Or tha notion that people with vaccines are immune!! Why else did so many, including the doctors, die despite the availability of best facilities and having taken both doses of vaccines? The truth is we do not yet know it all about this bio-warfare. Since there is no known single medication, the medical protocol, including the combination of drugs, has been changing constantly in last one year.

If you have been struck, DO NOT be alarmed. Instead work to a plan and act in time. A large number of deaths that took place were either because the patients or their caregivers took it lightly either in beginning, or after the fever subsided.

Many were in self denial that it was indeed the chinese virus that had hit them. They took it to be simple cold, cough, routine viral fever etc and did not start the covid protocol immediately. That delay cost many patients dear as the viral load increases rapidly in the body. Also, many people believed the non-allopathic drugs would be enough to save them from the assault, or that since their body immunity and fitness level is good, it won’t affect them much! Let me tell you ALL these are just notions.

Yes, Ayush drugs do help alleviate the problem in some cases; yes, having good fitness and immunity definitely helps. Not having co-morbidities surely helps. Unfortunately, as I said the unpredictability of the chinese virus is such that you won’t know you are the chosen one it wants to take away until it is very late.

Hence, it is better to stick to the known covid protocol in allopathy in active consultation with specialists like pulmonologists, cardiologists and internal medicine or emergency specialists who are regularly treating covid patients.

There is no guarantee that allopathy will necessarily save you, but it is your best chance against covid for the time being. It will no doubt pump you with tons of toxicity and some side effects, all of which you can work actively later to flush out through various detoxification steps in Naturopathy, Ayurved, Yog and Homoeopathy. But the chances are you will get saved by sticking to timely covid protocol as compared to trying other alternatives medication solely. Many made this mistake and lost their lives, or they delayed the treatment till very late.

After having lived this nightmare and survived, I would not want to wish it upon anyone, not even the worst of enemies.

The problem is very few people put themselves in these shoes and continue to live in self-denial believing this cannot happen to them or their loved ones. The harsh fact is you don’t know.

Please give extra attention to the diet, sleep and mental health too. As the immunity is at its lowest for 4-6 weeks post-covid, guard against any undue exposure else the chances of picking secondary infection become high. It is only around the 5th-6th week that anti-bodies that your auto-immune system started building start peaking. Those who did not take the vaccine should do so after 10-12 weeks.

Last, but not the least, it is extremely unfortunate how some people dump or start avoiding their near and dear ones like plague in such cases, Fearing their own safety, they leave the family members, relatives and friends in a lurch, thus affecting the patients’ mental condition even further.

Help can and must be extended to the patient/s with due precautions. After all, that’s how medical professionals are giving care to so many patients everyday. And rest assured, you won’t get infected even in close proximity after 14 days because by then the Chinese virus dies. Deserting a covid (or for that matter any) patient is the worse thing possible because that’s when they need you the most.

Stay safe by all means, but do not give in to the temptation of becoming irrational or callous in these trying times. Take care of yourself and all your near and dear.

⁃ Neeraj Saxena

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