12 simple remedies for a glowing face & skin

⁃ Make ubtan with raw milk, besan and haldi. Apply before bath, leave on face for 15-25 minutes and wash.

⁃ Make another face pack with haldi, homemade dahi, mixed with santaron ke sookhe chilkon ko koot kar banaya powder. Mix them and massage well on the face for 5-7 minutes and then wash with warm water after a few minutes.

⁃ Use good quality Evian cream (without chemicals) in morning and pure gel extracted from aloe vera at night.

⁃ Eat green vegetables

⁃ Drink juice of chukandar, gajar, amla,adrak and tamatar in winter.

⁃ Drink planty of water

⁃ Apply virgin coconut oil on face for good moisturising.

⁃ Apply malai (cream) of Desi Gau milk and massage the face before washing with warm water once or twice a week if you have dry skin.

⁃ Never use any commercial whitening creams

⁃ Eat balanced diet and get adequate sleep

⁃ Avoid stepping out in harsh sunlight and dusty environs or polluted public/private spaces. Use good quality umbrella instead of anti-sun lotions if you have to be out in bright Sun. But do soak in the beneficial Vitamin D daily around Sunrise when the rays are more orange than white.

– Another good remedy for moisturising dry winter skin is mix lime with glycerine and apply on the face. Leave for a few hours if you can before washing.

⁃ Neeraj Saxena

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