Get rid of harmful cleansing agents

Looking for an alternative for chemical toxic cleansing agents such as Harpic, Lizol, Colin, Veggie wash etc?

Here is a simple home-made multipurpose cleansing agent recipe for Bio Enzyme that can be made at home.

Method of preparation :

Mix jaggery, fruit / veg peels 🍍🥕 and water in the ratio of 1:3:10 and allow it to ferment in an air-tight plastic container for three months. The mixture initially tends to release gas so the lid has to be opened once everyday to let it out ( a glass container may develop cracks with the expansion of gas, if not released).

It is normal for a layer of yeast to form on the top. Please ignore it. Strain it after three months and it is ready for use. Adding a TSP of yeast or a little enzyme reduces the time of making to one month (optional).

Usage :

🌸Cleaning toilets. Use concentrated. Sprinkle liberally and let it remain overnight or for 3 to 5 hours at least.

🌸Mopping floors. Use 50 to 75 ml in half a bucket of water.

🌸 Cleaning sinks, bathrooms and wash areas. Unclogs blocked drains.

🌸Soak and prewash veggies and fruits in this solution to remove the grime.

🌸Clean your laminated furniture, glasses, mirrors , switch boards etc., ( an easy substitute to Colin and the likes).

🌸Use as a fertilizer and pesticide for your plants by diluting it to 1:10 or as needed. 🌸Removes tan and dandruff. Can be used as a conditioner

🌸Used to clean water bodies ( Used extensively by the Art of Living foundation to clean lakes and rivers.)

🌸Helps in purifying the air around with the micro organisms present in it. The chemical cleaning agents destroy not just the harmful microbes but also the friendly ones that are essential for us. The enzyme is so full of good microbes that the air around is also purified with their presence.

🌸Helps in removing the scales caused by ground water from taps, buckets etc.,

🌸Mix soapnut powder or ash with the enzyme and use it for washing utensils. The mixture with soapnut powder can also be used as a hand wash.

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